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Offered Activities

If you prefer to stay at the lodge, you can also try the enjoyments of “soft” and environement-friendly water sports :
Hobbiecat, sea kayaks, paddle, snorkeling, or windsurf…

At any time from the hotel you can take advantage of “discovery ballads” accompanied by our guides, which in the evening, will also make you discover lemurs and their habits.

Paying Activities

You will be able to choose with our guides your excursions and leave by boat every morning all around the immense Ampasindava peninsula to discover in a sublim nature,
the Sakalava People : fishermen’s village in dugout, known for their smile and their deep kindness.

Day cruise on a river in a big dugout, visit of big ground turtles and greedy and friendly lemurs, shower and bath in a waterfall and natural pool, a visit of children from a school
of the bush : so much amazed memories which will remain engraved for ever in your mind…

We also organize your exits or first scuba dive (PADI) with one of the PADI clubs, of which we are partner.

We propose individual excursion, in dugout, with Wawa, our fisherman, who will introduce you to the traditionnal palengrotte fishing.

Deep but ecological fishing can be organized on request, with our partners from Nosy Be. Thanks for announcing it to us at the time of reservation.