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Baobab Beach

Baobab Beach

Once upon a time, there was a Tree, which was so proud towards the other vegetables and towards the God himself, on which the latter decided to punish it: he took it, turned it and transplanted it back to front the crown in the ground and the roots ridiculously in the air (Tale and Legend).

The baobab is a majestic tree. Very slow in its growth, the baobab form only after 2 years, and reaches 50 cm height only after 7 years. It can live beyong 500 years and until 2000 years according to statements.

Madagascar offers the peculiarity to have on its territory 7 of 8 species listed in the world. It is the only country to possess so much baobab, because 6 of 8 species are endemic in Madagascar.

Fruits of the baobab are edible. They give a slightly acid juice rich in vitamin C, calcium and phosphor. This tree is one of symbols of the island and one of its most beautiful landscapes. During season, you can enjoy, in Eden Lodge, one of our specialities : a fresh juice of baobab, a sherbet of baobab, or a “rhum arranged” with the fruit of the baobab…

23 spectacular baobabs, from three differents species, strew our domain, and are alone sufficient reason to come to Eden Lodge : Nowhere else in Nosy Be islands is it possible to encounter these trees.

The Andansoniaza, the Andansoniamadagascariensis, Andansoniadigitata can be seen on the beach of Eden Lodge, with magnificent specimens, more than 700 years, what returns the site everything exceptional.


Baobab Beach