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Sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism

Schooling children with Docenda

This is our first commitment, which translates into a partnership since 2012 with the Docenda association, which has built a magnificent school welcoming more than 150 students from the neighboring villages of Eden Lodge. To visit during your stay…

Our other commitments to sustainable tourism:

Eden Lodge Madagascar is a luxury eco-lodge, selected by ADEME as a pilot project for eco-tourism in Madagascar. Far from spectacular and publicized environmental measures, everything was originally conceived in an eco-friendly perspective with the local population in mind.
To us, real luxury has nothing to do with the superfluous : it mostly means high quality service in a rare and long lasting environment.

his is why Eden Lodge became the first Green Globe certified hotel in Madagascar, a guarantee of excellence in environmental management.
The Green Globe certification has been renewed, each year, for more than ten years (Gold status).

Water and water management

L’eau, présente dans le sous-sol des collines avoisinantes, est puisée grâce à deux pompes alimentées par l’énergie solaire, et récupérée dans une citerne de 10.000 litres, totalement hermétique. Ce prélèvement, rapidement compensé dès la saison des pluies, permet l’alimentation de l’hôtel, et du village voisin.

Wastewater management: The lodges’ wastewater is drained into sumps and filtered by coconut and dead coral. Instead of being rejected to the sea where it could damage the coral reef the water is used for gardening purposes. Wastewater from the laundry and dry cleaning service is managed in the same way. The honeycomb motif towels were chosen for their low water absorption thus allowing limited detergent use.

Recycling our garbage

Waste management and recycling: Waste management is optimized at the lodge : we produce our compost from foodstuffs waste and recycle all we can : especially metal and plastic.
Recovered metal is turned into pots and pans, plastic bottles are transformed into place mats, glasses are recuperated…
We transport non recyclable refuse to the Nosy Be dump.

Nature preservation

Ecoconstruction and environment: Eden Lodge was exclusively built with local material (stone walls, local wood, ravinala roofs) thus preserving the site and limiting transportation of material. Transportations made mandatory where done by dhows therefore avoiding useless C02 emission.
Eden lodge present every year a neutral carbon assessment.

Land and see fauna: Preserving the beauty of the site and its fauna is one of our primary objectives. We protect lemur colonies that are endangered today by their illegal capture and sale.
Likewise, near the lodge, we struggle against scuba hunting which threatens coral species as well as against all motorized water sports. In order to preserve the beautiful diversity of the coral reefs around the lodge these are regularly inspected by a marine biology specialist.

Foresty and flora: we know our site is unique. Our five hundred year old baobab trees planted on a dream-like beach are nowhere to be found on the Nosy Be archipelago or even Madagascar.
Protecting these majestic trees, symbol of Madagascar, by cherishing them in our gardens is one of our objectives. We have already been able to save two baobab trees that were slowly dying as a result of local customs, unfortunately as ancestral as inappropriate.

Local economic influence

Village development : every year, the villagers and ourselves determine a priority that we finance. We were able to relaunch in 2010, the school of a nearby village by financing the salary of a primary school teatcher. The construction of the second school in our village of Anjanojano ended in 2011. A well for the same village was inaugurated at the beginning of 2012, as well as the third school with Copiver, a company sponsor.

Other projects are foreseen : a solar panel for lighting, etc…
Regular supplies arriving by boat greatly helps villagers who were otherwise totally isolated before.
Recruitment of staff members among the local population contributes to social wellbeing and balance.

Artisanal development

– We buy fish produce from local villagers and contribute to rearing goats and poultry.
– We organize visits to neighbouring villages thus encouraging the development of artisanal and tourism linked activities.

We will also develop a collection of school supplies in France so our customers can take us on arrival at the lodge, notebooks, pencils, slates,

small non-school books, which are the event and fun for students. If you are interested, email us, we will provide material lists where you will choose your participation

1st (and still one of the only) 100% solar powered in the world, Eden Lodge aims at being a model of ecological hotel as well in Madagascar as in the world.
Exemplary being involve to be copied. But not equalled…

Eden Lodge spirit

Sustainable tourism