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An Exceptional Location

Located only half an hour from Nosy Be island, 30 mn by boat, the spot known as 'Baobab Beach' is unique. The amazing view while arriving at Eden Lodge is breathtaking. 
A pure white sand beach, bordered by lush virgin forest and dotted with hundreds years old baobab trees are waiting to welcome you.

No roads, no cars, but only a tiny Madagascan village nearby. You will find yourself completly protected from the rest of the world and find immediatly your senses open and joyful into the middle on an Eden of relaxation.

You are allowed to forget your shoes : all the lodges, the bar and the restaurant, are located at the edge of the beach, just close to the water.

Below the GPS points indicated by the point of the blue marker

Latitude: 13 3559                           Longitude: 48 1149